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About us

Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment 


Invented and patented by an Occupational Therapist., Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment has been used by hundreds of patients and clinically proven to provide improved performance over similar products. Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment is a privately owned and operated company from Park City, Utah.  I started the business after receiving my first patent in 2014.  This patent, the Shock Aid Self Care tool, was created due to the frustrations expressed to me by numerous patients I worked with at the time. Most of them suggested that it would be great, and much easier, to have only one tool to keep track of and use while dressing, instead of the 2 or 3 current tools.

It made sense that if I could combine multiple functions into one tool, it would help simplify the task and make getting dressed and undressed much easier and less frustrating.

It was also discouraging as a therapist, to provide equipment to patients knowing that the equipment was minimally effective, potentially unsafe, and likely to break after a few uses.  Keeping this in mind, I was determined to make a multi-functional tool that was durable, safe, light weight, effective, and affordable.

The Shock Aid (Shoe +Sock) became that multi-functional tool that is strong enough to safely remove compression socks without bending over, yet easy enough to use to put on and take off lower body clothing without the need for additional equipment.  Included is the extra-long shoe horn, and the added accessory of attachable bathing sponges to help bath the feet, lower legs, and back. 

Since receiving that first patent, I've pursued additional ideas to help those that have difficulty performing their own self care due to bending or reaching limitations.  These ideas have led to additional patents or patent pending equipment that has helped numerous people regain their independence. 

Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment strives to provide equipment that is innovative, user friendly, safe, and durable for those who have difficulty performing their own personal care.  Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment is hand crafted and assembled in the USA

.  Products include:  

  • Shock Aid Self Care Tool
  • Hinged Sock Aide
  • Hinged Compression Sock Aide
  • Tidy Wiper Toileting/Bathing Aid
  • Portable Tidy Wiper Toileting/Bathing Aid
  • MD Ultimate Bamboo Travel Socks. 
  • Shock Aid Bamboo Athletic Socks


Thank you for your interest in Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment.


Garry Clifton, OTR/L